Sharing culture and song

Main photo: Sharing culture and song. Photo taken at Big Sing in the Desert 2018. Photo by Amy Jean Harding. Small photos taken by Liz Phillips and Prue Adams.

Big Sing Community

Sharing Culture and Song

“I wanted to make a regular meeting place where we could have time to sit down – black and white together – make music and learn from each other”.
Rachel Hore OAM, Big Sing Community founder

What we do

We bring together First Nations and non-Indigenous people to share language, culture and the joy of singing. Our events are innovative, grassroots and local. Big Sing Community events change the lives of participants – they are practical ‘reconciliation in action’.

When we get together for the music, the singing, it’s like healing. That’s what I see.”
Gwen Inkamala, Big Sing in the Desert, Ntaria, NT 

“Reconciliation in its purest form. Sharing, connectedness, listening, learning, growing. All through the power of song.”
Ann Marie, QLD

Patron – Professor Tom Calma AO

Big Sing Inc is honoured to be supported by Professor Tom Calma AO as our Patron. A Message from Our Patron.

To find out more, explore the Big Sing Community website that brings together all things BIG SING!

Our events 

Big Sing Community events are activities of Big Sing Incorporated (ABN 17 387 893 463), a registered charity providing opportunities for singing and cultural sharing on Country. Donations to Big Sing Incorporated are tax deductible.