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Dear Big Singers,

I am writing to update you on our plans for Big Sing in the Desert in May, 2022. This week I have made the difficult decision not to go ahead with the event next year. I feel I need to have a much clearer idea of how the country is living with Covid 19 and the effect of vaccination rates in our remote communities before we can commit to bringing this special event together. 

Because the nature of what we do at Big Sing in the Desert is COMMUNITY- singing together, sitting together, eating together, talking together, putting on a concert together, sharing tents or cabins together, travelling on buses, travelling on planes- much of our time is spent in close company with each other. I have been trying to imagine doing this all differently, but I keep returning to the fact that many of the people who attend Big Sing in the Desert live in remote communities where people are the most vulnerable to the virus. I want to ensure that we act in their best interests, and as conservatively as possible.

I have spoken with my Big Sing team in Alice Springs, who say uptake with vaccinations in some communities is very high, and in others very low. This week there are new Covid cases in Katherine NT, and for the first time the virus has reached a remote NT Aboriginal community. I have talked to one of our regular big singers Marion Swift, who works at the clinic in Ntaria. Her opinion backed up my thinking that waiting another year would give us all a better perspective.

So we at Big Sing Inc are gonna take it SLOW! We are going to be patient, and wait a little longer …

What I definitely do know is that people still want to keep on singing together.

New Big Sing Community website

Meanwhile, we have been building a new Big Sing Community website for all things Big Sing! Our songs, stories and vision. Have a peek. It's not quite finished, but getting close… www.bigsingcommunity.com

Breaking news …

We are really happy to announce that Big Sing Inc has just been endorsed as a charity with DGR status. Which means all future donations are now tax deductible.

All my love,
And see you at something, somewhere, sometime!

Rachel Hore OAM
Director, Big Sing Inc


Photo by Amy Jean Harding. Big Sing in the Desert 2016


Rachel Hore