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Denise Brady and Lily Tjiweri from Docker River attended Big Sing in the Desert choral camp last year. Denise drove the community bus over 700ks from Docker River to Alice Springs with 15 singers on board. It was her first Big Sing. Lily has been a participant six years running.

Our singing community raised the funds to get them there.

Please help me to bring 50 Indigenous singers to Big Sing in the Desert, 2017. Donate here.

Drumming up real unity



Through the universal language of song, a choir instructor is working towards bridging the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people nationwide.

More than 100 people ventured to Ross River Resort on the weekend to exercise their vocal cords at the bi-yearly mult ilingual choir training camp, The Big Sing in the Desert.

Involved in the singabout were some 30 indigenous women from across the Centre, including Mutitjulu, Docker River and Areyonga. Event organiser and choir instructor Rachel Hore said: “This environment creates a setting where we are all equal together. “Often whitefellas come out here as the experts of what we do,” she said.

“But out here, we’re a ll together. We’re learning together.”

‘Everything here’s been very positive and the thing we have in common is a love of singing’


Ms Hore said musicians around Australia donated $16,000 to sponsor some of the indigenous women to take part in the four-day event.

Singers on the camp belted out tunes in Aboriginal languages, English and languages from South Africa.

MacDonnell MLA Alison Anderson attended the event as a choir singer, saying she thought t he event was fantastic.

She said: “Everything here’s been very positive and the thing we have in common is a love of singing”.

Mr Stuart said indigenous women were excited to share their culture and language at the camp, with a couple of elderly women braving a dance in the circle of singers at one point in the night.

Ms Hore said the camp also encouraged indigenous women to take the skills they learnt and start or develop a choir back at home.

She is planning to run another camp in the next two years.


Centralian Advocate - 5th June 2012

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